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Trevor gives everyone at your organisation the ability to answer ad hoc questions from your database.

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Trevor empowers your product, marketing, growth, and engineering teams to dig into your company data and make data-informed decisions day to day. We handle thousands of queries per day for companies, large and small. Below, you can see a 4-minute video showing Trevor in action.


Data, at your fingertips

Trevor gives your team the power to find answers, when they're needed, without having to distract an engineer or analyst.

Easy to adopt

Trevor's interface is powerful and flexible, but simple to use. That's why companies have no trouble getting their teams on board.

Explore and export

Trevor makes connecting data simple. You can answer even complex questions, and then export the live results to Google Sheets or Excel.

Safe and secure

Trevor connects to your database via a read-only transaction and doesn't store your data. You can set table / column / record level permissions and also control query limits.

2 minute set up

Trevor takes moments to set up - just grab your database credentials and, if you need to, whitelist our IP.

Loved by tech and BI teams

Trevor significantly reduces the number of ad hoc data requests that need to be answered. Win!

What our customers say

Everyone from interns to product managers and marketers at Lexoo have used Trevor to get the answers they want out of our data. It's a brilliant tool that has really lightened our developers' workloads.
Curran, Marketing Manager at Lexoo
I had been looking for an out of the box data analytics platform for months. Trevor is in a league of its own when it comes to this.
Guy, Co-founder at Tribe
We got Trevor set up in lightening speed and were able to start exploring and querying our data straight away. The instant insight into our data and ease and flexibility of querying means more fact and less guesswork in decision making for everyone from the product team to our customer success managers. The support has also been second to none - would strongly recommend it!
Joe, CEO at TrailApp
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